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“Penelope” is the third show that I’ve written with Peter Kellogg.  I’m so proud of this show and our score!  


Here is the synopsis:  Penelope is married to Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea.  She is currently waiting for him to return from the Trojan War.  She’s been waiting a long time: almost twenty years; ten years since the war ended.  Meanwhile, a bevy of suitors have gathered, each wanting to marry her and take over the kingdom.  They keep pressing her for an answer but she insists Odysseus is still alive and will return.  


They refuse to leave, however, and, since they have little else to do by eat her food, drink her win and fight each other, they decide o form an acapella group.  The acoustics in the great hall are terrific 


To stall them, Penelope pretends she gets letters from Odysseus saying he’s on his way.  At first the letters were short and sweet, but now that many years have passed, she’s had to make the excuses more and more elaborate to be believable.  Little known to her, her letters gathered together are creating the story of the Odyssey.  


One Reading down with the fabulous Christy Altomare as Penelope and mesmerizing Nik Walker as Odysseus, and a fantastic ten person cast with the incomparable David Hancock Turner as our Musical Director.  And someone I know named Marla Mindelle directed.  


Stay tuned for further developments on the show.  Sit back and listen to three selections from the show.  

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