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Rocket Science

For this show, I needed to dig deep into a style that was really alien to me – country music.  I listened to tons of country music and got a true feel and appreciation for it.  Gorgeous lyrics by Laura Szabo Cohen.  

For this show, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and write a contemporary score that blended a rock and pop feel that would be appropriate to the High School chcrarcters it was depicting.    Heartfelt and smart lyrics by Jason Rhyne.

The Hudsucker Proxy

For this show, I went for a harder, corporate edge to the music – lots of patter and dense lyrics to emphasize the cutthroat world of corporate America with an urban feel underlying the entire score. Brilliant lyrics by Glenn Slater.  

The Rivals

For this show, I decided to give the show a classical sensibility while making it accessible.  The two female leads have to be real sopranos.  Who writes for sopranos anymore?  Erudite and charming lyrics by Peter Kellogg.

Once Upon  A Time In New Jersey

I listened to all the great Italian crooners of the 50’s and 60’s to get my inspiration for this show.  Al Martini, Dean Martin, Connie Francis, Julius LaRosa, to name a few became my musical mentors for this show. Laugh-Out-Loud Lyrics by Susan DiLallo.

Rhapsody in Red

Musical Theatre meets Russian military and fok music idioms, with some Broadway pizzazz thrown in.  A total blast to write.  Hysterical and razor sharp lyrics by Peter Mills. 

The Honeymooners

What would Ralph Kramden sing?  Ed Norton?  Alice?  Trixie?  The way into these iconic characters led me back to my roots of adoring the Golden Era Musicals.  For this, l looked at classic musical comedy scores like “Guys and Dolls”, “Take Me Along”, Danny Kaye, Strouse & Adams, Jerry Herman, Merrill and Loesser, and gems from the Golden Age Musicals to imprint “The Honeymooners” with an authentic sound that could speak both to contemporary audiences but had the tint of the Golden Age feel.  Dazzling word play and very funny lyrics by Peter Mills. 

rocket science
Hudsucker proxy
the rivals
New Jersey
iron curtain
the honeymooners
Only JennyRocket Science
Husband's HandSpittin' Image
Everything that RisesThe Hudsucker Proxy
As Long as I Have YouThe Rivals
Quando ScungiliOnce Upon a Time in New Jersey
Frau DivdedIron Curtain
Madison Avenue LineThe Honeymooners

This started out as a collection of songs from different writing teams inspired by Stephen Schwartz’s song “Crowded Island”.  Over time, Glenn and I were commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club to write this urbane revue of life in the city, embracing tons of different musical styles that skewered life in the city.  The fabulous lyrics were by Glenn Slater.  And we wrote the last third of the show is three days.  I kid you not.  



Tall Quiet Guynewyorkers

(Formerly Iron Curtain)



Penelope made it’s Off-Broadway debut at the York Theater April 2 – 24, 2022. 


Filled with stirring production numbers, contemporary and soaring ballads and comedy numbers that travel across a range of musical styles, take a listen to “Penelope.” The show is licensed by Broadway licensing for domestic productions and Broadway Asia for international productions.  You can hear the terrific cast belt out the score on Jay Records on all streaming devices.  

All AlongPenelope
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