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New Musicals

Steve is working on two new musicals! Synopsis below!

Gone Astray

Book by Jennie Redling

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Weiner

Music & Lyrics by Edward Koban

gone astray anco

Two women fight for the spirit of a missing child. Kerryn O’Mally has insisted for nine years that her daughter is still alive. Since the child’s disappearance she has frozen herself, her husband and their mentally handicapped son in a changeless state. With the missing girl’s twentieth birthday approaching, a young woman of the Lakȟóta nation arrives claiming powers to recover what is lost. Soon a fierce battle of wills ensues when the hopes of Kerryn, a white American steeped in Roman Catholic rituals, clash with the doubts of a Native girl who has wandered adrift of her ancestors’ beliefs.  


Based on an award winning play by Jennie Redling, the score blends two worlds of Native and contemporary Broadway music with music and lyrics by renown Mohawk composer Ed Koban and award winning composer Stephen Weiner representing, writing for their two worlds respectively.  

gone astray video
US Election


A musical comedy about high hopes, high emotions and high treason.

crazy anchor

Book & Lyrics by Peter Kellogg

Music by Stephen Weiner & David Hancock Turner


Love in the Time of Crazy follows the up-and-down romance between a writer for the Washington Post and a Republican staffer during the 2020 election.  An intertwined subplot charts the travails of a Republican Congressman and his gay son.   


With book and lyrics by Peter Kellogg, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Winner for Desperate Measures. And music by Stephen Weiner, two-time Richard Rodgers Award winner, and David Hancock Turner, orchestrator for Desperate Measures and Penelope.  Love in the Time of Crazy is a riot, but, you know, in a good way.

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